About Me

I wear many hats, but primarily I am a horse trainer/riding instructor as well as a photographer.  I ran my own equestrian facility, Blue Fountain Farm, in Grass Valley Calif, for 25 years.  I still own and run Blue Fountain Photography - where I mostly specialize in equine and human portraits.   I also "shoot" weddings, other events and generally just walk around taking lots of pictures.  

I made the jump from California to Scotland for a couple of reasons...... 1) to be with my sister, and her husband who are re-locating to be with three of their adult daughters who now live in Edinburgh. And 2) I am also looking forward to going into "semi-retirement"  doing both my equestrian pursuits (on a much lesser scale than before), and continuing with my photographic endeavors.  Running my 40 acre ranch in California with anywhere from 35 - 80 (yes, 80!) horses has certainly been a 24/7 proposition for all those years, and I will enjoy a life with a little less responsibility.

You can find out more about me by going to my other sites - my equine site and my photography site.

Lesley Deutsch

All photos by Blue Fountain Photography (unless otherwise stated) and are copyright protected.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention my partner in crime in my new adventures in Scotland........ my faithful side-kick, Dory.  Dory is a 4 yr old Yellow Lab who made the trip over the pond with me from California, and will be going with me on many of my outings out and about.