The Ponies - Again!

March 22, 2018

One thing for sure, checking on the ponies is going to get me in shape!  They are masters at hiding out on the  90+  acres allowed them, and to find them usually means a lot of climbing up and down very steep hillsides.  Two weeks ago on a lovely, sunny day, it was my turn again to check on their well being, and they led me (and Becca) on a merry chase.  It's ok, though, because just being out and about walking in this spectacular scenery is a great way to spend the day.


By the time we were done - 1/2 mile hike each way to and from the car park and the house, then climbing up, down and around the Law, we had marched over 3.5 miles (I like to use the App "Map My Walk").  I wish there was a way the app could give us extra credit for all the steep climbs we did where it feels like your heart is going to pound out of your chest!  On our initial walk in from the car park we met a couple coming down the trail who said they had seen the ponies about 1/2 way up the hill.   We thought, "Good!  We have a direction to head!", instead of wandering around aimlessly.  Well........ we ended up wandering around aimlessly. 


These boys are magicians at disappearing from view in what seems like seconds, and they did it again - disappeared.  We went up to the 1/2 way point where we were told they had been and didn't see them, so we climbed almost to the top.  Not there.  We then headed around to their nice, open hillside pasture on the east side of the Law, where there is a water trough, and a place they like to hang out.  Not there.  We did see some deer, though - I knew they were there but hadn't seen them before.  Then we retraced our steps to the quarry, and there they were!  Phew!  


At first we saw just two of them, but they are always in close proximity to each other.  A whinny, then an answering whinny told us where the rest were.  They all started to wander down the hill, as it was apparently getting to be time for a drink, wade, and nibble at the pond, and then a satisfying roll in the dirt.   Then they headed off towards the car park and around to the other side of the hill.  


Now, today,  Becca and I were lucky - we saw them immediately upon arriving, and they didn't disappear this time.  It was a somewhat cloudy, and very windy day, but not too cold.  We hiked up about 1/2 way to where they were, and all was well.  Just a quick check, some photos, and away we went.  I look forward to seeing them again soon!  





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