Dogs Everywhere!

March 11, 2018

What a fun day!  Today we took Dory to watch a "Fun Dog Show" held at the Muirfield Riding Therapy Centre, where I have taught a couple of equine clinics now.  It was held in the indoor arena, and it was a well attended event!  All proceeds went to benefit the Riding Centre ( see my blog post about them from July).


Considering there were a lot of dogs and people in a somewhat confined space, everyone was remarkably well behaved (dogs and people)!  There were cute puppies and older, senior citizen dogs, little dogs, big dogs, hairy dogs, smooth dogs - you name it.  And everyone, in the spirit of what is was all about, was having fun.  


Dory was so excited to see so many other dogs in one place.  I should have entered her in the "Prettiest Bitch" class - she, of course, would have won it.  I don't know why I didn' time.  As always, she was the best behaved one there (my opinion, of course) 


I've posted a couple of photos here, but there are a lot more on my photo site.  




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