The Highlands

January 7, 2018

Ahhhhhhh - the Highlands.  My heart loves the Highlands.  I was there for a few days last year when I was here for my niece's wedding, and I longed to get back there again.  The family and I spent Hogmanay weekend (New Years weekend) on Loch Ness at Fort Augustus Abbey - the same place we stayed last year, and ventured out on day trips from there.  This trip was very, very special to me, because a little over 6 months ago, I didn't know if I would even be here for this trip.


As many of you remember, I did not know until 5 days before I flew here on June 28th if I was even going to be able to come to Scotland at all, let alone stay.  There was a distinct possibility that I was going to be allowed to come to Scotland, but have to leave at 6 month's time, which would have meant that I would have had to fly back to California on the 28th of December - right after Christmas - while the rest of the family would be leaving for the Highlands.   So, to be heading off on a special, long weekend to a place I love was almost unreal.


We set off on our trip of about 4 hours in snow - right in Edinburgh it was actually snowing!  It's been awhile since I was a snow driver (I lived in Lake Tahoe for almost 10 years in my younger days), but the roads were fine.  In fact, the closer we got to the Highlands, the less it snowed.  But, it had been snowing, so it was a winter wonderland when we arrived.  Dory loved the snow, and I loved the crunchy, squishy noise of walking on it. 


I've put together a little video (below) of some of the highlights of our short stay, and you can also go to my photo website to see some more photos.  As usual, I took about a 1,000 images, but there are a select few on the site.   Here is a list of sites if you are interested in learning more about the places we visited.  Enjoy!


Loch Ness

Fort Augustus Abbey                              

Aonach Mor Accomodations                 

Invergarry Castle  

Culloden Moor Battlefield

Clava Cairns  

Urquhart Castle   

Cherry Island    






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