Year End Musings

December 26, 2017

Yes, I've been absent for awhile - I guess that's what happens when life really gets going.  I have been busy teaching and wandering around this beautiful country, and loving every minute of it.   I will try to be better about writing in this blog in 2018, for those of you who aren't on Facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest in what my family, Dory and I have been up to. 


So....... as many people do as one year comes to a close and we get ready to welcome a new one, I've been re-living this last year over the last couple of weeks........a year full of many changes.  Never in my life have I had a more stressful, nor a more wonderful year than 2017.  From the depths of wondering if I was going to be separated from my family, to the joys of moving here to an incredible country, it's been a real roller-coaster.  This week will be 6 months since we landed at the Edinburgh airport, and so much has happened.  I've put together a little slideshow (with music) to give you a wee peak into this last year - starting in California and ending with Christmas-time here in Scotland.   Grab a cuppa or a glassa (I think I just made that word up ☺️) and come along on the journey of my life over this past year.






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