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October 17, 2017

This has been long promised, I know, but I am finally delivering.........you now get to have a tour of our new home.  😁  And, I truly mean home - not house.  This building, this town, this country have all felt like home since the minute I landed here over 3 months ago.  North Berwick, with a population of about 6500+, is a refreshing change from living in the city of Portobello for me.  Having been a ranch girl for most of my life, it was quite the adventure for me (and Dory) to be living amongst a lot of people, and traffic, and small flats, and noise, and.....well, you get the picture.  Where our house is situated is just  a couple of blocks from the main part of town on a very quite street - the noisiest thing is the school children walking by the house on their way to school each week day morning.  When I hear kids out front I know it's 8:30!


Yes, it is a different environment than my ranch of 25 years - I have always loved country living.  However, things are so much easier here for this "Auld Gal" than they were at my beloved ranch.  When you have 40 - 80 horses on your ranch, there is never a dull moment - you are basically on call 24/7.  Here, our responsibilities are so much less, it's a breath of fresh air.  I am working quite a bit, which I love, but I do have time to relax, go to the beach, take Dory to the Lodge grounds, go see a castle or two......... in other words, I have a life besides horses.  It's the best of both worlds.


Becca, John and I feel so lucky that we have found this wonderful old house.  We don't know much of the history to it - it was built in Victorian times (latter 1800's) and is as solid as they come.  We rent the downstairs, and a very nice couple, who travel a lot, have the upstairs.  Because of the solid stone construction it is very quiet in the house, so we pretty much feel like we are the only ones here.  The house is on a corner lot, which I wasn't sure I would like, but because there is so little traffic, it's not a problem at all.


We have a nice little garden in the front and in the back (you don't call it a yard here - a yard is a horse barn or ranch).  Becca and I want to do some gardening to spruce things up a bit, as this house has mostly been used as a holiday let and the gardens, while clean and orderly, don't have much color or character to them.


Yes, this country gal from California is settled and very happy in Scotland.  Just yesterday I was walking both of the beaches here with my trusty side-kick Dory, still in awe that I actually do live here.  I get to teach lessons and clinics to fabulous people, I get to ride their horses on occasion, and I get to enjoy all the other things that my life is bringing to me.  Pinch me! 







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