Doing Nothing

September 3, 2017

Doing nothing is one of the hardest things for me to do.  Sit still and do nothing?  You've got to be kidding!  There is always so much to be done, how can I just sit here?  Well, that is exactly what I'm doing, in a way, for the first part of today.  I say "in a way" because doing nothing still meant taking the dogs for a walk down to the beach, having a cappuccino and crepe on the promenade then walking along the beach.  However, it's how I did that.


First of all, today is moving day.  Good bye Portobello, hello North Berwick!  So that meant that yesterday was a killer - just the opposite of doing nothing.  Yesterday we moved out of the Portobello flat, but we can't move in to the North Berwick house until after 4:00 PM today.  So, while the rest of the family drove to a wedding last night, I stayed with Dory and Violet in Annamieke's flat up the road. Yesterday I made 11 trips up and down the 56 steps to the flat, starting with my early morning walk with Dory to the beach (around 5:30 AM), to be followed by carrying bags and boxes and other assorted "stuff" down to the the car, and back up for more.   I then went for a long walk on the promenade with Becca and Har (in the wrong shoes - ouch).  It was then time to take the car from my spot by the old flat to a spot near Annamieke's flat - but there was no parking available - anywhere!  Not. One. Single. Spot!  Ask me if I'm ready to move out of the city!  So, I had to drive back to the old flat, and luckily the spot I'd left was still there (that never happens).  This then meant I had to hoof it up the hill to Annamieke's, and wait till later in the afternoon to walk back down the street to get the car.  It's only a third of a mile, but that meant that over all, I walked and carried a lot yesterday!


Back to today.  This was the first morning since coming here on the 29th of June that I didn't have to get dressed and climb up and down a "million" stairs to take Dory out for her morning "necessaries".  YES!  All I had to do was walk out to the garden at Annamieke's with Dory and Violet in my jammies, then come back in and get a few more winks.  It will be the same in North Berwick, because we will have our own little garden out back.  Then the next question - how to spend the day with the dogs until it's time to go move all the stuff I loaded in the car yesterday?  Knowing that I don't want to move the car until it's actually time to move........of course, one last trip down to the beach.  This is where I started this whole blog..........


And here's the catch.  Yes, I did walk to the beach, I did eat breakfast, and I did walk more on the beach with the dogs.  But I took my time doing that.  Typically I walk everywhere in a hurry, and when I sit, I get my "task" done, and move on.  This morning I sauntered to the promenade.  This morning I waited at my seat outside at "Crumbs" on the promenade for the cappuccino and ham and cheese crepe to be made (there was quite a line in front of me).  But then the hardest part was to sit there after I was done, and just watch people and try to relax.  My body wanted to get up and move, so I had to remind myself that , no - I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere or do anything.  I didn't know how hard that would be!  To just relax and watch the people and all their dogs, to listen to all the beach goers and their kids playing in the sand, to enjoy the sunshine (yes, it's sunny in Scotland, and it's not so hot like it is back in California), and to take a little time to reflect that yes, I LIVE HERE!


I'm going to be busy later today with the move.  I need to take my car (which is crammed full of stuff) out to North Berwick (about 40 minutes away), unload it, and come back for more stuff in the storage locker as well as the dogs.  Becca and Har will be returning tomorrow to do the same with all their belongings, then we will be officially in our new home!  These last 9 weeks have been wonderful, but I have to admit that I am looking forward to actually settling down for awhile in one place again.  After all, I did live for 25 years at the ranch!


Next morning...........News flash!  I'm in the new house!  Lots of work yesterday afternoon and evening (the opposite of "Doing Nothing"), then I had some trouble getting internet connection.. This slowed me down from getting this post up yesterday.  But, wait till you see the new house!  Next post.   





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