August 16, 2017

Gee, what to do on a day off?  There are certainly many options, but here's what I did yesterday for another wonderful day in paradise.  And, yes, it does include another "Outlander" filming site!  


First Dory and I took our every morning sunrise walk along the beach here in Portobello, then we headed out to North Berwick.  Of course, we had a little breakfast at Steampunk Cafe, sitting outdoors and listening to the church bells ringing.  We then went for a nice, long stroll along the beach in North Berwick, where I found more sea glass (I even found a blue one - pretty rare!), and bored Dory with my attempts at taking artistic photos of said glass.  After a stop at the post office to see Dory's favorite person, Brian (oh yes, and to pick up the mail) we headed south out of town.   I finally found a side road to stop the car so I could get some photos of Tantallon Castle (we were there a few weeks ago), and the infamous Bass Rock.   My next venture was to find Preston Mills, which I had been told was right in the area.  Preston Mills    is another site that was used in the filming of "Outlander".   Here's a link




to some GIFS of the scenes - - warning:  pretty hot stuff!



After touring the mill site, I went back to the flat for awhile, then ventured out again to the Promenade at Portobello to meet up with Annie Haresign, the gal who was instrumental in getting my very first Cowboy Dressage clinic organized here in Scotland last year.  It was fun to see her again, and to hear about her horsey adventures in Dubai, where she has lived for a year.  I brought a Cowboy Dressage manual to her from the states, so guess, what?  Cowboy Dressage is going to Dubai!  Sorry, didn't get any photos of our nice lunch at Miros.


To finish our day, Dory and I always go for a late evening stroll on the beach once again to say good bye to another day.  So there you have it.  I'm off for more adventures today, then work this afternoon.  Did I say how much I love it here yet???




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