Scottish Summer

July 23, 2017

That's what all the locals around here are calling the last two days - cause it's July........and cause it rained.  And....... am I complaining?  Not. One. Bit! It hasn't stopped us from doing what we want to do at all, and, though it's raining, there have only been a few periods of heavy rain (when I was driving down the freeway, thank you very much), and it's really not too cold at all.  From what I hear, it's supposed to be 98F (36+C) in Grass Valley today, so - thank you very much I will take this weather instead.


My day always starts with Dory letting me know she needs to go out (down 56 steps and 3 blocks away to the beach) at about 5 in the morning.  All she does is stare at me - I don't know how I know she's doing it, but it wakes me up 9 times out of 10.  On the 10th time she might need to nudge the bed.  Until we get the proper key for the little garden out back of the flat here, I need to take her out in public, which means I need to get real clothes on so I'm not not walking about town in my jammies.  Although at that hour, I'm pretty much the only one up and about.   This morning it wasn't raining, it was just foggy.  I LOVE foggy weather.  Dory and I had a great walk along the beach here in Portobello for about a half hour or so, then came back in to get ready for our day.  We did find during our walk a dead bird on the shore - I'm pretty sure it was a Common Murre, also known as a Guillemot.  Sad.  It was once very pretty.


Today was Dory's first castle experience - and she was awesome!  We went just a short distance away in Edinburgh to Craigmiller Castle  - a castle which has an association with Mary Queen of Scots.  I was fascinated with some of the trees, particularly two that were right inside the entrance courtyard.  They sure seemed like they'd been there a very long time.  Dory was, again, such a good girl.  She posed for silly photos, was good with everyone who passed her by, and conquered spiral staircases!  That being said, however, we didn't try some of the really steep and tight ones - I even have trouble with those.


It was drizzling lightly, but that only adds to the mood and atmosphere when touring a place like a castle.  It still amazes me to think of what transpired within (and without) the walls of these places that have been standing here for oh - so - long.  I need to make the time to learn more about the history of these places - the little bit I get from touring them just piques my interest.


Later in the day, Dory's friend Violet took her to the Dog Park down Portobello High street.  She watched Violet chase that ball, and helped her pick it up every time she dropped it.  That's about the extend of Dory chasing a ball - especially if someone like Violet, who is a whirlwind on her feet, is involved.  She watches them get the ball, and then tries to steal it once they bring it back.   By the time we got back home (yes, more stairs), Dory was pooped, and "collapsed" in the hallway.  Such a good sport!  





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