Country Dog in the City?

July 21, 2017

What do they say?  You can take the girl out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the girl?  Well, Dory doesn't care what they say - she's having a great time both in the city and in the country here in Scotland.  Today was a very busy day for our girl, and even going to see the new vet in North Berwick was a good thing!


There's nothing wrong with her, I just wanted to get established with a new vet and see if there was anything different we needed to be doing over here.  Pretty much everything is the same, so we're all good.  And, because she's not had any bad experiences here, she thought it was just a visit to another nice person - not that you aren't a nice person, Dr Mario - but she'll be so glad that she doesn't have to have foxtails taken out of her nose anymore!


After the vet visit we went to one of Dory's favorite places - the mail sorting centre.  There she gets fed treats by Brian, the post master.  They have a mutual admiration society going on.  Brian has been telling me about a lot of nice walks in the surrounding area to take her on when I get the chance.


Then, back to the Lodge Grounds and Gardens - still WOW!  Dory is really starting to feel so much more comfortable in her new surroundings - today she went up and introduced herself to other dogs, and actually started running around a little.  Anyone who knows Dory knows that running isn't really in her vocabulary very much.  She's truly becoming a happy, happy dog here.


We then returned to Portobello, and did some beach time.  Again, this was the first time that I could get her to chase a stick and be a happy puppy - such a good feeling for me to see her really starting to blossom here.  While we were there we saw hoof prints in the sand, then found out why.  I don't know the whole story, but there was a pony pulling a cart that was equipped to take wheel chairs, and they were giving rides on the beach to those in need.  Looked like all were having a great time.


Later it was home (up the 56 stairs) and one pooped puppy.  I can't tell you how proud I am of Dory.  She has been a ranch dog for all her 4 years on this earth, and hardly ever had any leash training or been around buses, trucks, lots of people, strange sights and sounds, etc etc, and she is carrying on as if this was not a big deal.  Everyone loves her, and she's returning the feeling!  What a good girl!   




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