Pinch Me!

July 20, 2017

That's right - pinch me to awaken me from this dream.  Am I really here in Scotland?  Is this really the town in which I am going to live?  What did I do to deserve this?  


Even though it was a bit of, as they say over here, a dreich day ( a combination of dull, overcast, drizzly, cold, misty and miserable weather. At least 4 of the above adjectives must apply before the weather is truly drench), I thoroughly enjoyed my day in North Berwick.  First we all went to the local little medical clinic to get signed up for our healthcare.  We had already filled out some paperwork, and then handed that in with proof of our identity and the lease agreement to show that we were, indeed going to live here in town.  We will be set up with doctors and be a part of the national system.


Then, of course, a stop at Steampunk Cafe for our traditional morning fare.  When we were finished enjoying our time there, we walked across the street to the old church ruins and graveyard.  It is always so sobering and interesting to walk amongst the old grave stones - it was very common to see so many infants memorialized there in the 17 and 1800s.  


 After that, Becca, Har and Delaney went off to meet friends at the airport, and Dory and I stayed in town.   First Dory and I walked a couple of blocks to make a wellness appointment at what will be her new vet in town.  I want to get a baseline set for her, and see if there are any vaccinations or treatments that are needed for this part of the world that I haven't already done in California.  She has an appointment in a couple of days.  We took a walk along the beach for awhile, which we both, of course, enjoyed immensely. 


Then, I felt like exploring.  I had seen months ago, while Google Earth exploring from California, an interesting looking "park" only about 1 block from our soon -to- be home.  I followed the road I had traveled down from the satellite many a time, and there it was - The North Berwick Lodge Grounds and Gardens.  Oh my!  This is what Dory and I can walk to anytime we want?  Like I said - "Pinch me!"


This is a 55 acre, dog friendly, grassy, treed, exquisitely maintained grounds that is to die for.  It was just being mowed, so on top of the scenery, the smell was incredible as well.  There are acres of grass, formal gardens, a rose garden, a cafe, a children's playground, and hiking trails as well as views of the water and Bass Rock.  Dory loved being free to smell all the smells and follow me around on my explorations.  As we were exploring, the church bell rang out loud and clear - something Dory was afraid of when we were just underneath it one day.  Ahhhhh, heaven.


Later in the day we walked Gullane beach again - the tide was way out, so we were able to explore some different areas.  The water was quite warm, actually, so we both did some wading.  


Tomorrow is moving day - we move from  here in Gullane over to Portobello - nearer to Edinburgh.  We will be in this new flat for about 6 weeks, until our house in North Berwick is ready for us to move into.  I'm not really looking forward to this part of the journey for a couple of reasons - the flat is on the 4th floor - with no elevator (poor Dory - and me!), and it's pretty much right in town.  The saving grace is that we can walk to the beach in Portobello which is only a couple of blocks away.  I need to remember this is part of the journey, and it is really only for a short time.  We have loved our stay in Gullane, and look forward to visiting often when we are established in North Berwick.


Enjoy the photos below, and the two little videos from the beaches.








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