Life's a Beach.......and more!

July 14, 2017

First of all - can we hear a great, big "WOO HOO!"  I heard from my friend Traci, (whose husband works for UPS in California), that my computer and camera accessories box has been FOUND!!  Major happy dance!   Now to see how much it's going to cost to get through customs, but at least it's not amongst the missing anymore!   


I AM going to be getting back to being a working girl really soon here.  In fact, this Saturday and Sunday I have my first 2017 Cowboy Dressage Clinic in Scotland at Doreen Allison's "Summerhill Stud".  But, while time is on my side, I'm taking full advantage of it and enjoying some "down" time to be a tourist - especially now that I can do that with Dory.  


Today was a very warm and mixed sunny/cloudy day, with light other words, perfect for this Auld Gal and her dog.  I woke up early and decided to take Dory out to our beach (our - possessive, aren't I?) here in Gullane.   We walked along the trail above the beach so Dory wouldn't get all wet again, since I knew that once the rest of the family was up and about we were off to North Berwick.  Several others were out doing the same thing, and Dory is so good being off leash and not bothering either the people or the dogs -  what a good girl.


Of course we had to stop in at Steampunk Cafe again in North Berwick, and this time Dory got to go.  This will be a regular haunt of ours, since we will be living just 3 blocks away soon.  Scotland is a very dog friendly place - people bring their dogs most everywhere and the store and restaurant owners always come running out with water bowls as soon as they see someone with a dog.   And the beaches - well, let me tell you - it's dog heaven.  Dogs everywhere off leash playing and digging, and rolling and jumping through the waves.  Dory has only been here just a little over 24 hours, and we've already been to the beach on 3 separate occasion.  I see a routine in the making.


After playing on, and collecting sea glass at the beach at North Berwick, we decided to venture to something we had been passing along the way between Gullane and North Berwick - The Archerfield Walled Garden.  Wow!  What a place.  The Archerfield Estate was magnificent.  The history is very interesting - it was named after the bowmen of King Edward I encamped there in the 1200s!  It has had a long and varied life - even falling into ruins -  and was a living place of Robert Louis Stevenson for awhile.  It is part of a £55 million restoration now, and has (among other things) a world class golf course, new luxury housing and the main house itself has been turned into an extremely fancy hotel.  We enjoyed lunch and a stroll about in their walled garden, then a longer walk out on the "Fairy Trail"


At the end of the Fairy Trail was a little enclosure for the kids (us "old folk", too) with 15 stations with little fairy homes and poems at each station.  What a fun idea. There were also little "buildings" made out of live willows along the way.  Such imagination.  In the field outside of the garden area there was circus setting up, I assume for the weekend.


One thing I have to admit about my dog - she's a big chicken.  She barked up a storm at a scarecrow in the walled garden, and, if you look a the video below, you'll see she did the same thing to a statue of some deer.  She has a ferocious sounding bark, but it's really a fear bark.  Given the chance she'll turn tail and run!   


Of course Dory and I had to finish the day with another walk along Gullane beach with the family.  The skies were very dramatic, but it was still lovely and warm.  A fitting way to end a lovely day.


Oh, guess what - I think I figured out how to put a comments box at the end of each post, so, when I publish this today, if it works, please comment away!     








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