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July 11, 2017

This is going to be a short one today - because I'm getting ready to GO GET DORY!!  She is in Nottingham at John and Kay's house, with them and their two Border Terriers.  I'm all twitter-pated!   We've got a 4+ hour drive ahead of us, and a little prep before that.


 We did have a wonderful day at two castles which are right in our neck of the woods (I can't believe I live next to castles!).  Tantallon (emphasis the "tal" portion of that word- rhymes with "pal"), on the coast just below North Berwick, and Dirleton, in the same-named town.  I'm adding a couple of photos from Tantallon.  


I'll get to the others when I'm not so excited about Dory.  Also, the UPS saga continues.  The box with all my computer components and camera accessories is still amongst the missing, and has a tracer on it.  My wonderful friend, Traci, has put her husband, Bill (who works for UPS back in California) on the hunt from the inside, while I continue to make Skype calls to the head honchos.  Fingers crossed it will be found and get here soon!


Here's a snapshot that John sent to me of Dory "crashing" next to their Aga after her dinner.  I wish she could tell me her tales (tails?), and all about her ordeals, so I could tell her "There, there - it's all better now".  But, just being able to hug her big, soft neck will be all the both of us need!






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