Hob Nobbing

July 10, 2017

Another relaxing day.  The wait is on for Dory to arrive - seems it's hard for me to think of much else.  But, I did get email confirmation today that she is safe in the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre, so that's good news.  The plan is that John, my nephew-in-law Ian's father, will pick her up in London, and take her back to his home in Nottingham.  For us to drive to Heathrow would have been a 7+ hour journey, but to go to Nottingham is more like a  4+ hour one.  Dory has met John and Kay when they visited California last year, and they have a couple of dogs of their own, so I think she will be happy to have a familiar face, finally.  We will then go down on Tuesday to pick her up and bring her back to her new home in Scotland.  I feel like a kid waiting to go to Disneyland!!


Today was a bit drizzly - sorry to all of you back in California where it's blazing hot!  We have NO COMPLAINTS about the weather - bring it on!  We decided to get a couple of errands done - one of which was to get Dory outfitted for her new home here - food and  water bowls, traveling water bowl, cover for the back seat and "boot" of the car to keep the hair mess down, harness, a new toy (thanks to Becca) and, of course, her food.  It's making it seem real that she is actually going to get here!


After the errands, we decided to take in a local attraction - Gosford House.  For a few days a month they conduct tours of this very impressive estate.  I just now found out, while looking some things up on Google, that there were actually some scenes from season 2 of Outlander filmed here!  


There were no photos allowed inside during the tour, ( see some on the web site above), but I got a few outside while we were waiting for the tour to start.  Oh yes, here I am known as an OAP - Old Age Pensioner - and get in to all sorts of  things for a lower price.  I know...... it's the same thing as Senior Citizen....... but neither one of them sounds good to me.  


Oh yeah, a couple more observations about life over here in Scotland  - to turn a light on you flip the switch down, not up.  And, unless I've just got the odd ones - it's not lefty loosey righty tight for the water faucet handles.  What's with that?  😉


More tomorrow!




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