July 9, 2017

Yes!  Finally a day without any setbacks!  A gorgeous, sunny, warm and breezy day to give me a chance to unwind and enjoy things.  Dory should have landed at Heathrow and be in the Animal  Reception Centre - although, get this.........  I tried to call to make sure she was OK, and no one answers the phone on the weekends!  The voicemail said to leave a message only if it's an emergency, otherwise, send an email.  You know how far that's going to get me on a weekend..........not.  But, at this point I figure no news is good news.  I know she got on the plane, so she has to have gotten off, and they have all my contact info if they need it.  The poor dear doggie must wonder what's happening to her, which I feel really badly about, but we will be re-united very soon.  It will be really nice to finally be at a place where I don't have to dread looking at my emails or texts and worry that there is bad news.  I'm getting there, I know it!


Today was an enjoy- what- North- Berwick- and -Gullane- have- to- offer kind of day.  After a cappuccino at Steampunk Cafe, we headed up for a climb to the North Berwick Law.  Law simply means "hill" in Scotland.  I'm still learning the lingo - there are several different names for the different kind of hills and mountains in Scotland. There are Munros - Mountains over 3,000 feet (914 metres) in height.  There are Corbetts, which are the Scottish hills that are between 2,500ft to 3,000ft in height.  Scottish hills between 2000ft-2500ft in height are Grahams.  And, hills in the Scottish Lowlands with a height of 2000ft and over are Donalds.  I'm sure I'm missing something, but that's as far as I've  managed to get in learning this new to me bit of Scotland.


Anyway, we found the car park (not parking lot) for the trail head, and I couldn't believe my luck.   You see, I've been following a page on Facebook, "North Berwick Ponies", and standing there right beside the car park as if waiting for me to show up were all 7 Exmoor ponies!  They are all geldings (names of Sherlock, Clouseau, Morse, Inspector Gadget, Artemis, Rebel and Oberon) brought in as part of a new project of conservation grazing at the Law. What characters!  I can't wait until I can bring my "real" camera and lenses with me to stalk these boys and capture some better images than my iPhone allows me to do.   You are allowed to go right in with them, along with your well behaved dog, as long as you, of course, don't hassle them.


We made the steep climb in about 20 minutes, (with a fair amount of huffing and puffing) and there, all around us, were the green and yellow fields far below,  the blue skies and seas blending together, and the seagulls both above and below us.  There was a mighty wind, but if you found a nook in the rocks it was actually quite warm.  We could see where our soon- to- be house is, as well as Gullane, where we are staying now.   I had to pinch myself to make sure that it was real - we really were here and climbing up a hill I truly wondered if I'd ever be able to even  see.  In California lingo, "Awesome!", in UK lingo "Brilliant!"


Meet the boys (I call them the "Fat Bottom Boys" 😃 ) and enjoy the photos from The Law.........but that's not all!




 After coming back from "The Law" we spent a little time up on the "secret" roof-top hideaway enjoying the sun and out of the wind.  Then it was time for another stroll along Gullane Beach.  Man oh man - did I ever need this..............





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