July 7, 2017

Remember I told you that I thought we had a way to get our bank accounts opened?  Well, we were wrong.  Still more hoops to jump through there.  On top of that, I just got off the phone (Skype) with my bank back in California (which I'm keeping open to pay for my mother's care there) because they shut me down.  Arrrgghhh!  It's a good thing, really, that they did this, because they were worried about fraud.  You see, I had sent in a travel notification to the bank that I would be here in Scotland, but then I paid a bill online that went back to California, and I guess the bank thought it was "fishy".  So, I spoke with a very nice lady from the Deep South, and we got things straightened out - I hope.  Still can't get back online, but she said give it a little time.  


Big news today for Becca and Har is that they also bought a car, so we are both independent now.  They got a really nice Honda CRV with all sorts of bells and whistles.  So, yet again, we had to take a trip to the airport to return a rental car, because we had each rented one last week.  That's three times in a week that we've been to the airport.  


Oh yeah - we've been here a week now!  In some ways it seems like we've been here much longer - it feels so much like home, even though we aren't at our long term address yet.  We have accomplished a lot in those 7 days, as well.  Our to-do list is getting shorter and shorter, and boy, does that feel good.  


All it takes for me is a trip to our soon-to-be home town of North Berwick, and things feel great.  We went again to Steam Punk Cafe to enjoy affogatsos, which we found out are actually made from my favorite ice cream - salted caramel - from Mary's Milk Bar in Edinburgh.  We walked around the town again, and found out that there are going to be a lot of cafes and shops that we are gong to want to try.  The beaches are so lovely, too.  We even took a drive out to our new local supermarket - Tesco - to see where it was.  I know, not very exciting to go to the store, but it's going to be "our" store, and it's fun to explore.  It's a whole mile away from the house - slightly different than the closest store being 16 miles away from the ranch in California.


After dinner we did a nice hike through the Gullane Golf Course around 9:00 - it stays light so late here.  It was a peaceful, relaxing trek.  More in store for tomorrow!   






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