We Actually Live Here!

July 6, 2017

I don't know why, but today, as we were walking through Grassmarket in Edinburgh, and we were surrounded by throngs of tourists, it really hit me that we aren't just tourists anymore - We. Actually. Live. Here!  I almost made a fool of myself and shouted it out, but I  was able to contain myself.  Yet inside I was a jumble of emotions.   I wonder if being surrounded by so many people (who were mostly visiting the area and would be leaving), and knowing that, after dreaming about being here for 11+ months, we don't have to leave - let's just say it was a real "Aha!" moment for me.  Wow.


Another event of today was going to the Job Centre in Edinburgh to get interviewed so we can get the equivalent of our social security numbers to be able to work here.  As always, I get very nervous and worried at these kinds of things, so much is riding on it.  But, we are "in", everything went well, and though it might take up to 4 weeks to receive the official paperwork, we can get jobs legally now.  And, we can also find doctors and get signed up for National Health.  Each day we are ticking off more and more from our to-do lists.


The main reason for going to Grassmarket was to visit Mary's Milk Bar, where two of my nieces work.   Actually, it's their "fault" that we are in Scotland to begin with.  So....... thank you , ladies!  Mary has created a wonderful little shop that literally has lines (queues) way out the door during the busy times because her products are so special.  Very unique and flavorful, hand - made (every day) gelato, and wonderful hand - made chocolates.  Yum!  Coffee drinks as well.  Or a mixture of the two - ice cream in your coffee.......called an  adffogato - double yum!  It's a good thing we are doing a lot of walking if I want to have things like this in my diet.


After our ice creams we walked up and over Victoria Street to the Royal mile, and then down to Waverley Station to get to the currency exchange so I could trade in some dollars for pounds.  Again so many people, but, of course, I needed to "document" everything for this blog, so I was like everyone else.......... shooting away on my iPhone.  Enjoy the short video of two young men doing a very good job on their bag pipes, and also the other images from today.


(A little side note before you go to the video and images .......... we were in Morrison's today - a big supermarket.  I was wandering around looking for something, and a very nice man asked if he could help me find something (cause I really did look perplexed).  I told him what I was looking for, and the first thing he said was, "Lovely accent!"  Too funny!  I know it works both ways, but it's funny to be on the other end of "who's got an accent".)        









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