On the Street Where You Live (or will soon!)

July 4, 2017

I went for a walk about in our new neighborhood this evening, and I gotta tell ya, I really like it!  I’ve been looking at Google images and Property Management photos of the house and the area for months now, and I was worried that it wouldn’t measure up, but it certainly does.  Remember, we were in North Berwick (our soon to be home base) last year to go out on the boat to Bass Rock to bird watch, so I already knew I liked the town - but that was from a tourist’s viewpoint.  In case you didn’t know, the photo on the home page of this blog is an image I shot last year of the town of North Berwick from the boat. I guess I still am a tourist here, until we really settle in to our new house, but when you walk around the town with the knowledge that you are actually going to live here - wow!  It’s like I’m in a dream, only it’s real.   


I know many of you will wonder how I can trade a 40 acre horse ranch out in the beautiful foothills of the Gold Country of California for a village in Scotland, but it is a much needed change.  At the ranch, we were a half hour from anything, whereas here we will be 3 blocks from the beach, from coffee shops, restaurants, pubs, the post office, banks - you name it.   Everything is within walking distance.  And, I know that Dory will LOVE the beaches - lots of other dogs, all off leash and having a grand ol’ time - plus it’s cool and there are no foxtails (the first 2 years I had Dory she had to go to the vet 9 times to get foxtails out of her nose!)  


The house is uphill from town, so we have a great view of the water, and things seem really private.  Granted, it’s not the same view I had at the ranch for 25 years, but it’s beautiful none-the-less.  As opposed to ranch living, where everywhere you look you see things that need to be done or need to be fixed, here, other than being good tenants, it’s not our responsibility.


And, yes, there are no horses here, but I will be driving to see them all the time for work.  Now I don’t have to take care of them as well as enjoy them.  I’ve been doing that for many, many years now - I will enjoy showing up, enjoying their presence, and coming home to relax after a good days work.


Earlier in the day when we were all in North Berwick (Becca, Har and Delaney) we did get set up for mail at the post office (they will need to keep our mail for collection until we actually move to our house). We tried to get a bank account as well - that didn’t go as well.   We need proof of residence, and the lease agreement wasn’t enough.  All the requirements they wanted us to be able to show in order to get an account won’t happen until we actually live there - utility bills, council taxes, etc etc.  But, we think we have found a way that we will be able to get accounts opened up soon - news at eleven.


Two updates - we are hoping that Dory will be here by this next weekend.  I miss her so much.  And, I did buy a car today - and I will be able to pick it up tomorrow!  Until then, enjoy a walk around town with me…………and if you want to know more about our new, little town, click here.






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