The Journey Begins

June 30, 2017


Let’s put it this way - moving overseas is NOT for the faint of heart!  I’m not saying you shouldn’t try it, but be prepared!  After living all my 60+ years in California I am now sitting in a Business Class seat on British Airways, laptop and wine glass in front of me, jetting my way to Scotland (with my sister and her family), which will soon become our new home.  If you told me a year ago that this would be happening, I would say that you are crazy.  This wasn’t even on the radar of what I had planned for the rest of my life.  I imagined I’d get buried with my boots on at some ripe old age at the horse ranch that I built 25 years ago - most likely found dead (with my latest dog at my side) in some pasture because I couldn’t get out of the way of some equally old horse making his way to his hay.  But, life is funny - all sorts of twists and turns can be put on one’s journey through life, and I am truly going down a path that I never even saw in front of me.  And I couldn’t be happier about it!  


To get here has taken a lot - a lot of soul searching, 11 months of hard preparation, several thousand dollars……… and it literally came down to the last minute before I even knew if I could  fulfill the dream I had those 11 months ago.  It wasn't until six days before our scheduled flight from SFO to Edinburgh (which I had booked in Dec of 2016) that I knew that my visa had been approved, then 5 days before the flight I finally got my passport back from the officials - they had kept it for 12 weeks. (The lack of a passport caused the cancellation of a trip to Scotland I had planned in May, to the tune of several thousand dollars).  Even up to the eleventh hour of trying to get Dory, on the same flight as me and failing -  I just wanted to cry, “What next?”  Someone my age (read that “old”) has lived through a lot of what life can throw us, but these last 11 months have really put a test to this Taurus’s stubbornness and determination.  But, I am here on this flight with my wonderful family, and thanks to the help of incredible friends, Dory will get on a flight soon to meet me in Scotland and start our new lives together there.


About Dory - I know everyone is concerned about her.  Due to an error that I can only blame on myself for lack of understanding all the exportation rules, Dory was turned away from her flight at literally the last minute because her crate was 3" (really...... 3"?!?) too short  We were standing in the cargo warehouse at SFO - all the correct papers in hand - when she was denied boarding.  That is the closest I have come to weeping big, ugly tears during this whole 11 month process.  My family was waiting for me at check-in at the British Airways terminal, and I had a dog  I love who couldn't go with me after all the last minute hassling of even being able to get her on that flight.   Wonderful Steve and Connie (more about them later) even drove all around South San Francisco to all the pet stores they could find, and no one had a crate large enough.  So, right after I land, I need to see about getting her booked onto another flight, and getting her cute, little face over here. 


So, that's it for now - so much ahead of me, but it really feels right to be doing this at this point in my life.


Note: I wrote this on the plane, and it's actually the next day that I am posting it.  I'll try to catch up next time!  Please excuse mistakes - still in overdrive in the brain department!








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